Fernas Gıda establishes orchards with a modern and sustainable technical infrastructure on 7000 decares and performs agricultural practices. In the orchards which mostly consists of varieties of Apple, there are also plantations of Pear, Apricot, Blackberry and Plum.

As Fernas Gıda, our priority is to produce without disturbing the balance of nature and people and agricultural sustainability. As we set out on this path of sustainable agricultural production in Turkey, we make agricultural production based on Gap Global’s production plans. We know very well that agricultural inputs such as pesticides and fertilizers that are overused have great damages to the nature and economy. We attach great importance to good agricultural practices in order to leave a liveable world to future generations and to produce quality agricultural products without polluting the soil. We plan our agricultural production and investments in a way that can provide regional development.

With good agricultural practices and Gap Global standards, we aim to do even better than the promises we have made on sustainability since the first seed we planted, and we value and respect the nature-human relationship in agricultural production.